Bearing Gifts: Chrissy- Chapter 1

Feel free to leave a comment regarding what you thought, suggestions, questions, or even to point out typos! Thanks for reading! Chrissy tried to smile as Omaira pushed the tupperware container of kulcha khatai cookies into her hands. “They’ll like them, I promise,” Omaira assured her with that quiet, confident smile. “They have pistachios on … Continue reading Bearing Gifts: Chrissy- Chapter 1


I am working on my patience.

I absolutely tore through the month of April when it came to my writing. I was on fire, setting daily goals and "winning" Camp NaNoWriMo right on schedule, to my deep satisfaction. I had created a habit of waking and writing, and I was feeling like I had uncovered the ultimate secret to how I … Continue reading I am working on my patience.